Monday, May 30, 2011

Blue Whales :: Pattern Collection

Surface designs © Kim Buchheit; licensing and/or purchasing options available.
Blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus) are the largest animals on the planet. This surface design showcases a whimsical interpretation of these incredible creatures swimming in an undulating sea of blues and greens. Original hand-carved illustrations. Ask about alternative colorways and coordinating designs. (Note: Coordinating designs not necessarily to scale. Contact me if you'd like to see larger, to scale collections.)

Eco-Note: Learn how you can adopt a blue whale. NRDC is urgently trying to save beluga whales; please help if you can.


Anonymous said...

I love the whale, and you're entire animal series! Great concepts, wonderful detail. Keep them coming!

Alexia said...

I really do love your conversational style of drawing. Definitely inspires me! Thank you for your kind words on Print & Pattern, I hope I will be as successful as you some day!