Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dragonflies :: Repeat Pattern

Surface pattern designs © Kim Buchheit; licensing or purchasing option available.
My tribute to summer — goodbye sweet summer.


Erin Williams Watercolors said...

hi kim, how wonderful to come across your blog and see all your GORGEOUS designs. Love your work so much and looking forward to working with you. yes, definitely kindred spirits!!!

Narut said...

yes on this blog is a goregouse design isnt it ?
interior design

Tracy said...

Hey there...I'm loving your patterns :) I'm wondering if you have a tutorial on making patterns? I'm fascinated by patterns and would love some tips on how to do it as I have NO idea! Thanks for any help :)

Mike or Kim Buchheit said...

hi, tracy — thank you for your nice comment. if you use photoshop, there are several free plug-ins that you can download to help you create seamless repeat patterns (google: tile pattern photoshop plug-in). i actually purchased my plug-in from artlandia as it was developed for professionals and offers several types of repeat patterns rather than just the basics (ie. brick repeat, half drop, etc.). wishing you the best with your creative endeavors!